Born and raised in Colorado Springs Colorado, I was the youngest of three boys with a decent span of years between me an my closest sibling. By the time I came around, my folks were worn down and managing two teenage delinquents and had very little energy for me. While the setting speaks directly to what is wrong with me, all the things that are right came from my ability to explore and decide for myself what life was all about.

In the end I grew up to be an uneducated halfasser who has won no writing awards nor contests, yet somehow believe I can make a living scrabbling together words. I cut my writing chops through emailing poorly structured rants to an email list for longer than was appropriate in a time between handwritten letters and formalized blog platforms. This turned into a novel of sorts loosely based on a guy having a nervous breakdown over the course of 24 hours.

I also authored a nearly yearlong menagerie of stream of consciousness buffoonery loosely based on dating in your 30's. This was until I met and subsequently knocked a woman up twice, which essentially sent me on a path of scrambling to keep a bunch of other humans alive.

In my triumphant return to throwing virtual ink down on digital tree flesh, I have scribbled out my memories, at first as a means to give the offspring something to remember me by, but now a means to find out if a bastard who loathes doing things the traditional way can actually build a career out of this ancient means of communication.

If you are here, you can make the dream a reality. Buy some words. They are good for you.

Ugly Mugg